Flags for Heroes

Flags for Heroes

Long Neck Sunrise Rotary Club is proud to sponsor this program where you can honor a military, first responder, or other hero (past or present), by sponsoring a flag. Flags will be proudly displayed at the American Legion Oak Orchard Riverdale Post 28 along Rt. 24 the week before and after Veteran’s Day. Proceeds will support local veteran programs and needs.

Our 2016 Sponsors

Hero Name Sponsor
David J. Steele, Jr. June & Harry Jones
Daniel A. McGrath Catherine J. Petz
Michael E.J. Sharkey Catherine J. Petz
Michael Wirth Bethany Blues
Jospeh Garbiel Bethany Blues
Meyer Family Nancy Bush
Quigley Family Nancy Bush
Amos J.D. Hall Judy & Mike Hall
Florence Dieckmann Judy & Mike Hall
Louis G. Marshall Marketing Solutions
Kraymer Witt Marketing Solutions
Edward J. Baker, WWII Mary Ann Willman
George W. Eberle Patricia Hoffman
Doc Norman L. Keller Stephen Wittenberg
Gen. Eugene F. Tighe, Jr. Thomas V. Tighe
Cpt. William (Bill) Massey Holland Jewelers
Ronald DeLong Holland Jewelers
Jack Hopper Gerry & Susan Hopper
In memory & honor of all our military Delaware Eye Clinics,  Dr. Edward Jaoude
Gerry Hopper All 4 Him
All USA Female Veterans American Legion Auxiliary Unit 28
J. Ralph Miller Sussex Eye Center
Jeffrey Hilovsky Sussex Eye Center
Daniel J. Sullivan Sussex Eye Center
Sr. Chief Max Hutsell, USN Max Hutsell
Saverio Pulice, Sr. Butch & Debbie Pulice
Saverio Pulice, Jr. Debbie Pulice
Michael Malamon Connie Krantz
Frank Foley Robert & Delores McDonnell
Robert McDonnell Robert & Delores McDonnell
Jeremy Yoder Elma Yoder
William (Mike) Fleetwood Olde Tymers Softball League
Leon Baker Robert M Hoyt & Co., LLC
Uncle Joe Devine Jerry & Mary Devine
Albert (Paul) Mangini Judy Mangini
Anthony Lanzi Judy Mangini
Charles J. Malin Judy Mangini
G. Douglas Reed Claire & Dan Reed
Charles Walts Claire & Dan Reed
Vincent Galliano Claire & Dan Reed
Jim Merry Robert & Karen Merry
Robert Wales Randy & Judy Peterson
Ralph Peterson Randy & Judy Peterson
Dr. John Haberlen Tony Etze
Sam Etze Tony Etze
Ricky D. Goodnight Linda Goodnight-Halverson
Beau Biden John & Marie Lattomus
Chris Kyle John & Marie Lattomus
Jack F. Owens Brafman Family Dentistry

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