Flags for Heroes

Flags for Heroes

Long Neck Sunrise Rotary Club is proud to sponsor this program where you can honor a military, first responder, or other hero (past or present), by sponsoring a flag. Flags are proudly displayed at the American Legion Oak Orchard Riverdale Post 28 along Rt. 24 prior to and and following Veteran’s Day each year. Proceeds are used to support veteran causes in the greater Long Neck area.

2022 Heroes

Sponsor Hero
Rosemary Acker Roy K. Acker, USMC
Emily S. Apostolos George Apostolos
Richard Biava Fred Miller
Francine S. Bledso All Heroes
Patricia Calcutta Louise B. Gaston
Patricia Calcutta John H Gaston
Karen, Madeleine and Holly Cameron John H. Cameron, Jr.
Cathy & Bob Cardaneo Louis Ellis Cardaneo
Cathy & Bob Cardaneo William E. Gaeckle, Jr.
Bob Lougherd & M. Cetola Jim Roros
Deborah L. Costlow Donald L. Costlow
Joseph DiCicco All Veterans
Bruce Engelmann John Maher
Bruce Engelmann Hank Engelmann
Howard & Jackie Farrer Victims of 911
Kate & Mike Gavron Hank Gavron
Kate & Mike Gavron Dick Reed
Henry Gleigh Henry “Hank” Gleigh
Henry Gleigh Ronald H. Every
Gold Ballroom Dance Studio  All Veterans
Marcy Good Tom Good
Marcy Good Michael Good
Judy & Mike Hall Florence Dieckmann
Judy & Mike Hall Amos J.D. Hall
Barry & Lynn Henry Otis W. Henry
Barry & Lynn Henry John Drukker
Jeff and Marcia Hilovsky Sgt. Paul Hilovsky
Jeff and Marcia Hilovsky Sgt. George Scott
Marianne Holian Gary Panetta
Ian Hume Robert O’Neil
Max Hutsell Sgt Norman Lear
Max Hutsell Capt. Theodore Williams
Max Hutsell Petty Officer 3rd Class Paul Newman
George Jarvis Thomas Jarvis
George Jarvis William Jarvis
Doug Jenkins Viet Nam Veterans
June D. Jones All Veterans
Nicholas D. Kabonik Nicholas L. Karbonik
Judy Kane Vance Kane
Bill Lake William Howard Lake
Robyn Lake Edward Mackiewicz
Nancy Farnan Lockard Lt. Col. Richard L. Farnan
Fred & Aileen MacMillan Steven Ishuin
Christine McCoy James K. Buckley
Ryan McCoy Ronal M. McCoy
Fred Miller 25th Infantry Division
Marilyn Moore Robert X. Moore
Isabelle O’Donnell James P. O’Donnell
Francis J. Okoniewski, III Francis J. Okoniewski, Sr.
Emily S. Peterson Harvey D. Peterson
Nancy Pinera William Pinera
Kevin E. Reading Emil Rollins
Kevin E. Reading Gary Korff
Kevin E. Reading Rhonda Prescott
Dan Reed Joe Usilton
Dan Reed G. Douglas Reed
Dan Reed Muriel Walts-Reed
Dan Reed Vincent Galliano
Dan Reed Margaret Galliano
Dan Reed Charles Walts
Candace Roach Joseph Corkery
Mike Schmoyer Robert Schmoyer
Tom & Barbara Schultz All Military Veterans
Robin & Kirsten Seltzer Edgar W. Seltzer, Sr.
Robin & Kirsten Seltzer Greg A. Seltzer
Holly Shelton Carl Goodman, Jr.
Ted & Jane Smeland John Ripple
Jackie Stewart Harvey Butler
Ted Thomas Unknown Soldier
Jon & Julie Washam Donald L. Knepp
Martha & Terry Wieber Philip V. Becker
Martha & Terry Wieber Louis P. Wiebeer
Marian A. Willman James F. Baker, E Sgnt V
Marian A. Willman Edward J. Baker
Sharon Marshall & Marshall Witt Louis G. Marshall, Sr.
Sharon Marshall & Marshall Witt Kraymer Witt
James H. Yost All Heroes
Edward Zimmeman Wade Zimmerman, Jr.

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