Flags for Heroes

Flags for Heroes

Long Neck Sunrise Rotary Club is proud to sponsor this program where you can honor a military, first responder, or other hero (past or present), by sponsoring a flag. Flags are proudly displayed at the American Legion Oak Orchard Riverdale Post 28 along Rt. 24 the and will remain so until the week after Veteran’s Day. Proceeds in 2019 will support the American Legion Post 28 and the Warrior Community Connect organization.


Flags for Heroes flag disply

Our 2019 Heroes and Sponsors

in Partnership with

American Legion Post 28 &
Warrior Community Connect

Hero Name Sponsor
Thomas Jarvis George Jarvis
William Jarvis George Jarvis
Louis G. Marshall, Tech. 5th Grade Marketing Solutions
Kraymer Witt, USN WWll Marketing Solutions
Muriel Reed – Walts Dan Reed
George Douglas Reed Dan Reed
Col. Charles C. Walts Dan Reed
Peter E. Gilmore, Sr. ReImagination Design, LLC
Sean Rosen ReImagination Design, LLC – Lucille Cavan
Fallen Heroes Howard and Jackie Farrer
Otis W. Henry Barry and Lynn Henry
John Drukker Barry and Lynn Henry
Captain Chelsea Schellinger Steven and Elizabeth Grossman
Col. Robert A. Fean (Ret) Steven and Elizabeth Grossman
Joseph Little (Marines) Mike and Connie Little
Gary Wooten (US Army) Mike and Connie Little
Larry Adkins (Marines) Mike and Connie Little
Vincent Galliano (US Army) Claire & Dan Reed
Claire Galliano Claire Reed
John Mehrlander (US Army) Tracey Gross
Louis Cardeneo Cruise One – The Cardeneo Group
William Janet Gacakle Cruise One – The Cardeneo Group
Harvey Butler Fred and Judy Miller
Capt. John D. McDonald Debbie and Kevin Williams
PFC Charles V. Williams Debbie and Kevin Williams
All who have served and continue to do so The Mehrlander Family
Amos J. Hall Judy and Mike Hall
LTC Bill Bowers Debbie and Kevin Williams
Robert Wezel (US Marines) Mike Wezel
Joe Kohanky Bob Fitzgerald
Jim Fitzgerald Bob Fitzgerald
Frederick Irving Kalagren Andy and Sue Marquart
Robert McGee Virginia L. Weller
Charles Mood Jr. Charles and Paula Mood
Lawrence Allen Spellman lll Roger Chaufournier
Glenn Berner (US AF) John Berner
To All our Men and Women Anonymous
Unknown Soldier Ian Hume
William “Joe” Robinson Jr. (Marines) Cindy Robinson
Richard M. Park Winnie Beattie
Russell Clayton Voyles (Staff Sgt USAF) Russ and Marie Bufflap
Staff Sgt. Matthew J. Miller Claire C. Miller
Jay R. Way Dixie L. Way
All who have served and continue to do so Joseph Pastic
Jim Gerald Sandra Gerald
Sam Hellier Jim and Linda Hellier
Edward Baker, WWII Marian A, Willman
James F. Baker, PF5, VietNam Marian A. Willman
Matt Gibbs, Caregiver Fred Gibbs
Matt Gibbs, Caregiver Fred Gibbs
Phil Wheeler Val ellenberger
Walt Ellenberger, Jr. Val Ellenberger
Walt Ellenberger, Jr. & Phil Wheeler Val & Walt Ellenberger
Dolores Milieweski, RN & Ermano Agosti Cathy Melfi & Joe Agosti
All Veterans Kim & John Plum
Charles Putt Deb & Bob Putt
Nicholas Susalis, Sr. Diane & Nicholas Susalis
Edward Clapper Diane & Nicholas Susalis
Sam DeBella Diane & Nicholas Susalis
The Unknown Solider Ted Thomas
Robert Tolliver Mary Jo & Alan Tolliver
William Roth Cindy Beyer
Henry Svehla NJ Post 105 Joe & Sharon Basista
Leroy P. Kline Renee Kline