photo of students presenting thank you cards

Long Neck Sunrise Rotary Joins With Long Neck Elementary to Celebrate “Kindness Week”

(Millsboro) (February 8, 2021) — Living in a period of so much angst and altered realities, it is particularly heartwarming to see children celebrating kindness with each other, their parents and teachers, and their community. Principal Clara Conn of Long Neck Elementary worked with her teachers and administrators to set up a week-long celebration of kindness during “Kindness Week” February 8-12, 2021.

Students were reading the book The Jelly Donut Difference, which teaches kindness, caring, generosity, and being a good neighbor and friend. Teachers and student leaders were encouraged to practice kindness throughout the week, and in so doing would earn sprinkles for each act of kindness on the donut drawing in each classroom.

One of their acts of kindness was to present Long Neck Sunrise Rotary Club with hand drawn thank you cards for Long Neck Sunrise Rotary Club’s donations of two books for every student and dictionaries for third grade students over the years, and substantial funding for the school’s new playground to break ground this summer. The cards were presented by four members of the school’s 15-person student government to representatives of the Long Neck Sunrise Rotary Club in a short ceremony at the school on February 8, 2021. When asked by Rotarian Sharon Marshall, which project of the Rotary Club meant the most to them, the students answered “all of them” – kindness and political savvy represented in full force.

Long Neck Sunrise Rotary Club learned that the school was encouraging local businesses to engage in Kindness Week and that the next day would be “Crazy for Kindness” day, where the students and others participating were encouraged to wear crazy hair, socks or outfits.  Many Long Neck Sunrise Rotary Club embraced the challenge and came properly attired to the weekly meeting on Tuesday held in person at the Ocean Grill II on Long Neck Road and virtually for those preferring that venue.

“Working with children is an important part of our mission,” noted Long Neck Sunrise Rotary Club President, Lucille Cavan. “Long Neck Elementary Is doing such a wonderful job during these difficult times and to be recognized by their students for our help is truly special. And what a hoot to join with them on Crazy for Kindness day.”

“Throughout the pandemic the community has come together to support one another,” remarked Clara Conn, Principal, Long Neck Elementary.  “Many of us have been on the front lines, supporting our families and local small businesses, in addition to ensuring services for our community continue to function with fidelity. This was a wonderful project to illuminate the kindness of not only our young Long Neck Leaders, but also the established Long Neck Leaders. The students enjoy seeing their neighbors join in on our spirit days and support our vision of ‘Growing Leaders.’ This common thread of kindness binds our community together and provides a great example of patience and support, while maintaining grace.”

Students and counselorsRotary Crazy for KindnessCrazy for Kindness day virtual

Pictured at top of page: Student Government Representatives of Long Neck Elementary present Long Neck Sunrise Rotarians with thank you cards.  Students pictured are: Liam Archila-Palomino (front), Thomas Hoopes, Jade Coulter. Rotarians are (left to right): President Lucille Cavan, Youth Committee Chair Apryl Parcher, Rotary Reads Chair Sharon Marshall.

Pictured above left: Front: LNE Counselors Erica Adkins-Hull, Amy Goodhue, Anne-Marie Vega Top: Student Council Liam Archila-Palomino, Thomas Hoopes, Jade Coulter; Long Neck Sunrise Rotarians President Lucille Cavan, Youth Committee Chair Apryl Parcher, Rotary Reads Chair Sharon Marshall; LNE Counselor, Annette Hoffman

Pictured above center and right:  In person and virtual Long Neck Sunrise Rotarians celebrating Crazy for Kindness.